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In recent years, this has become a prevalent question among investors who covet capital appreciation but no longer believe high management fees are justified. The answer to this question really depends on the individual investor, however.  Passive Investing: Passive investing is investing with a long-term horizon. It is a very economical way to invest as […]

To be Passive or Active? That is the question!



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Sexuality and attraction are not black or white. They are both fluid with separate and distinct spectrums. There are 5 common types of attraction: sexual, romantic, physical, emotional, and aesthetic. Let’s go through each one! Sexual attraction tends to be what comes to mind for many in relation to the topic of attraction. Sexual attraction […]

5 Common Types of Attraction

Relationships, Sexuality

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Existing at the intersection between multiple marginalized communities can be a minefield – but we’re here to debunk the harmful stereotypes.

Harmful Stereotypes in QPOC Dating