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Straight”… But Not Narrow Ladies™ offers

SBNNL recognizes the lack of representation and safer spaces for bisexual Black and Brown women and offers a membership community specifically for this underrepresented group. 

For a more intimate, personalized, and deeper experience, G offers one-on-one coaching services.


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When you join SBNNL or sign up for coaching, it’s important that you’re ready for the experience. Intentions and alignment are important. Here’s what we value most, and what we ask of our members and clients: 








Desire to do and be better 

Respect of others and of spaces

No judgment

Recognition that everyone is at different places In their journey

Willingness to explore oneself and go deeper

Actively showing up and doing the work

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Monthly Community Membership





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For Black and Brown Women

For Black and Brown Women

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The SBNNL Chat App

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Access to our exclusive members-only chat app. With the app, you’ll find a safer, discreet, and non-judgmental space for unfiltered dialogue. Our chat app also has direct/private messaging, audio/video calling, and multi-channel functionalities to facilitate meaningful online connections! 


Priority access to SBNNL events and SBNNL travel

Discounts on many SBNNL events and travel experiences*

Monthly virtual discussion or workshop

Bimonthly 1:1 coaching quickie (every other month)

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A welcoming community of like-minded women of color or all bi women who support and understand the sensual aspects of femininity, exploration, liberation, and sexual fluidity.

Please note: Memberships are non-refundable. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

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"I found a new community of like-minded women of color [SBNNL] and I have to shout them out because it’s not easy navigating this world when everyone is put in boxes and made to think that’s all there is. There’s more to us than meets the eye. We can all be our whole selves if we lay down judgement and preconceived notions about people. Just live!"

“The topics discussed in the [SBNNL] chat [app] and the ease and quality of the responses is dope.”

“Definitely a trip for the books. I learned something about myself [during Girls Getaway Weekend].”

“I definitely learned some new things about myself this weekend [during Girls Getaway Weekend]. This space is so important and necessary.”

“Thank you for this group! It’s hard trying to find people open and willing to live their truth.”

“Love the ongoing education!”