My Story 

I'm an experienced finance professional that left the comforts of corporate America to become an entrepreneur. Today I know, that was one of many instances where I leaned into the discomforts of fears, released generational curses and took radical action for an embodied transformation. I'm a serial entrepreneur that's inspired to create places and spaces that don’t exist. I'm passionate about helping people learn the dating, relationship, sexuality and business lessons we aren't taught in schools or in many homes.

I've spent many years researching various aspects of both platonic and non-platonic relationships, as well as online versus in-person connections. I am very intrigued by the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality, and center on curating meaningful, safer spaces for women of color. These interests led me to create "Straight"... But Not Narrow Ladies™ (SBNNL) at the tail-end of 2019. Six months later, I launched Collaborations for our Women of Color Communities ("C4C") and SBNNL Kick & Chicks.

In 2021, I became a Certified and Board-Approved Clinical Sexologist and Certified Master Sexpert offering individuals and couples coaching on the deeper areas of dating, relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. In 2023, I became a Certified Matchmaker and Wedding Officiant. Through education, research and life experiences I help people enhance their self-awareness and prioritize compatibility and alignment to optimize their dating and relationship experiences. Dating gets exhausting and relationships can be a quagmire so I take an integrative approach to navigating these areas. 

I enjoy traveling and believe there are so many things we can learn, explore and experience on our journeys. To me, traveling is an opportunity for growth and an act of self-care. With this in mind, travel experiences have become a big part of the SBNNL experience and my coaching practice. I am creating a luxurious and abundantly happy life and want to inspire and help other women do the same.

Get to know G!

I know what it’s like to feel invisible and misunderstood in both platonic and non-platonic relationships. I know the challenges of navigating social and cultural norms, stigmas, taboos, microaggressions, and stereotypes as a Black "straight" passing woman living outside of the heteronormative box in America. I grew up in a household where sex, sexuality, and the complexities of having and maintaining healthy relationships were not topics frequently discussed. Finding a man with a “good” job, not getting pregnant before finding and marrying him, and trying to keep said man happy felt like relationship goals. 

I’ve had bad friendships and a strained marriage, but through it all I’ve learned the skills needed to create boundaries, attract aligned people, and have beautiful connections and relationships. In short, I’ve lived a life of trying to conform, be small, and make myself more palatable for others, but I’ve changed that toxic behavior. I now lean into my most authentic self and am passionate about helping others do the same. 

Many don’t know that I’m very introverted. I know firsthand the struggles of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. But I also know that change and success require challenging ourselves to show up, be accountable, vulnerable, and intentional. Don't make excuses your fact. You can plan to fail or fail to plan - pick a struggle!

How I Work


I take an integrative approach to dating, relationships, intimacy, sex, and sexuality. We are multifaceted and dynamic beings with interconnected parts. We need to delayer and assess in order to truly transform and grow. This is how I approach all of my work and what I hope to help others learn. 

While SBNNL centers on Black and Brown women and bisexual women, I work with all people through my personal workshops, retreats, and coaching services. I believe there is overlap and work to be done for all in navigating the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality in a society inundated with stereotypes, stigmas, taboos, and microaggressions.

What I Know

“Straight”… But Not Narrow Ladies™ understands the cultural stigmas, taboos, microaggressions, and stereotypes around sexuality, sexual fluidity, and sexual expression among women, especially women of color. We recognize how these factors present a need for discretion while our sisters explore their deeper truths. Our members-only communities support this exploration without judgment and allows members to find their own paths.

Communities of color are struggling with hunger, unemployment, violence, systemic racism, and the residual effects of slavery, among other challenges. A place and a space to discuss sexual identity, curiosities, or preferences is a privilege not afforded to many. “Straight”… But Not Narrow Ladies™ recognizes the challenges and the need for safe spaces to discuss the aforementioned issues while creating meaningful connections. We strive to rewrite the toxic narrative of women of color, to empower them to own their truths, and to support them in their search for liberation.

We are passionate about creating safer spaces for women. Our safer spaces manifest into curated virtual and in-person events, retreats, workshops, coaching, and travel experiences. Our curated events and experiences are dynamically designed to cultivate, to empower, and to support our communities of like-minded women in an authentic, unapologetic, and organic way.

If you’re interested, join us to get started!

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G & Dee

"I found a new community of like-minded women of color [SBNNL] and I have to shout them out because it’s not easy navigating this world when everyone is put in boxes and made to think that’s all there is. There’s more to us than meets the eye. We can all be our whole selves if we lay down judgement and preconceived notions about people. Just live!"

“The topics discussed in the [SBNNL] chat [app] and the ease and quality of the responses is dope.”

“Definitely a trip for the books. I learned something about myself [during Girls Getaway Weekend].”

“I definitely learned some new things about myself this weekend [during Girls Getaway Weekend]. This space is so important and necessary.”

“Thank you for this group! It’s hard trying to find people open and willing to live their truth.”

“Love the ongoing education!”