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You're not ready to put forth intentional effort
You're not willing to be honest
You're not willing to be vulnerable
You're not ready to date
You're not ready to invest in yourself + this unique experience

This is NOT for you if:

You struggle with what to write on your profile
You’re dating after divorce or end of a long-term relationship
You want to learn tips to use the apps more efficiently
You’re having a later in life desire to date women
You need help creating or updating an online profile
You think apps are exhausting but don’t know where else to go
You want to attract higher quality matches
You want to be more intentional and purposeful
You're ready to invest in yourself and your goals
You want honest feedback and results
You’re looking for partnership but want to skip the learning curve

This is for you if:

"If reading a book was enough, we'd all be where we want to

be. How much is I can do it on my own costing you?" - G Stone

The top question single + searching people ask is - where can they find someone. Here are two truths. 1) Everyone has advice and opinions and 2) there’s no one magical way. Your friend’s advice isn’t “wrong” per se but it may not be easy for you to replicate. And, what’s often overlooked, their advice, strategy and approach may not be aligned for YOU. 

Here’s a secret - there’s definitely pee in the dating pool but if ALL your dating interactions suck, we need to start working on YOU to get better results. Successful dating (casual, fwb, partnerships, marriage, whatever) starts with honesty and clarity on a deeper level. If you’re unsure or unwilling to acknowledge what you really want and the actions you need to take, you will perpetually attract misaligned people.

I created this online dating coaching program for women over 35, especially those transitioning from failed long-term relationships, those experiencing a later in life attraction to women and those entering a different phase of life. This program is designed to teach you about the online dating landscape, help you get clear on your dating goals, offer a personalized audit of your profiles, work with you to optimize your app presence, up level your matches, and have better dating experiences.

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Is Your Dating Profile Trash? Workbook

1:1 Coaching Program

This 38 page digital workbook gives you the top 5 tips to optimize your online dating profile, along with, details, activities, do's  and don'ts to help you get better matches. This workbook is good for anyone looking to up-level their online dating profile. It is PERFECT for those new to online dating, wanting to date post long-term relationships or divorce, exploring, ready to be more intentional with dating, and struggling to get better matches.
Bonus: Special profile audit/revamp rate for those who complete the workbook and want more 1:1 support.

*Four 1:1 coaching sessions. I support and help you with dating profiles (max 3 apps), assessing where you are, defining your goals, tips for pictures, online communication & safety, strategy, etc.
*"Online Dating" program workbook. Created by me for you and your journey.
*Online Dating Profile Assessment/Audit & Revamp
*Homework, checkins & assessments. To go deeper and track your progress.
*2 free months of SBNNL membership (optional).
*Accountability and thought partner. I'm here to support you. 

"I found a new community of like-minded women of color [SBNNL] and I have to shout them out because it’s not easy navigating this world when everyone is put in boxes and made to think that’s all there is. There’s more to us than meets the eye. We can all be our whole selves if we lay down judgement and preconceived notions about people. Just live!"

“The topics discussed in the [SBNNL] chat [app] and the ease and quality of the responses is dope.”

“Definitely a trip for the books. I learned something about myself [during Girls Getaway Weekend].”

“I definitely learned some new things about myself this weekend [during Girls Getaway Weekend]. This space is so important and necessary.”

“Thank you for this group! It’s hard trying to find people open and willing to live their truth.”

“Love the ongoing education!”